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Related post: Date: Sat, 2 Nov 2002 20:47:47 +0000 (GMT) From: Chaim Bronwasser Subject: Paul's Little BrotherPaul's Little Brother. By ChaimDisclaimer: As always, if you are not old pre-pre-teen sex enough: DON'T READ THIS! If you are easily offended: DON'T READ THIS!English is not my mother tongue, sorry for any mistakes.Reactions in Dutch -smile- or English are very welcome at: ------------------------------------------------------------Paul's Little Brother.We stayed at home alone. Me, Jerry and my big teen brother have the house for us. Paul is my brother. He is sexy pre-teen model sites already 18.I made myself porno pre-teens comfortable in the living room lying on the floor and watching Cartoon Network.My boy's ass tucked in my white Nike shorts.From where I was I had a good view of him. Paul was lying on the couch, his muscled legs spread apart. Through the opening of his cut off shorts I could see his nuts hanging down in his white boxers. There was a bulge across his left thigh his big teen cock must be there.His body is well toned and muscular and he tiny non-nude girls pre-teen takes pride in the care and attention he gives it.Sometimes, being only 14, I'm very jealous on him. I admire him!We see each other sometimes in the nude. We share a bathroom. We rarely wear pajamas or boxers to bed and generally sleep with nothing on. I've watched my brother grow up. Paul his little snail-cock is now thick and large and he has a lot of black hair above it.Paul used to walk around the house when our parents are gone in nothing but his white boxer briefs, or like this evening just in some cut off shorts.Paul always told me;"There are only men in this house, and we are brothers, why do I need to dress for you?"Really, I enjoyed his parading around. It allowed me to watch is strong body, his tight, large ass muscles move under the fabric, and also find out just the big dick he was carrying. My brother has pre-teen erotic models n large balls, and a nice thick cock, even soft.I dreamed being like him. To have a strong body, to be a real teen like him.My voice starts to crackle sometimes and I had my first wet dream a couple of weeks ago. I waked up in a complete mess. But the dream pre-teen xxx movies was very nice!He, my big brother was in it.I play soccer all the time and I love my skateboard. I like wear baggy pants most of the young pre-teen girls time. I have lots of friends, including a few girls, but no real girlfriend.I noticed I had three or four black hairs emerging at the base of my prick, just as I remembered my brother had at the same age. I'd also noticed since some weeks that my cock was no longer so snail-like and was lengthening and also my little boy balls were getting some larger.Paul wore this evening a white tank top reading the name of his school that hugged his pre-teen girls pictures nude big chest pre-teen girls nude pic and narrow waist. His eyes were closed and he looked like he was concentrating on something.My own dick was pressing hard against my shorts and I rubbed it slowly against the floor.Friday evening, the usual routines like every weekend we are alone. Our parents are gone and pre-teen russian porn Paul has to look after me. Paul put a big American pizza in the oven.I played soccer this afternoon with some friends after school. There was still a lot of dried mud on my baggy pre-teen 14 shorts and my body.Paul called out and ordered me to take a shower after my program was finished.My brother was hard on me as always. He wants to be in control. I thought he wanted more free time."And wash yourself properly because I will come and check you when you are finished." We both laughed about this remark, as he doesn't check on me. Paul never did. He knows that, so I don't believe him.Sunday evening the house has to be in a good order. That's the deal. I went to the showers.Paul watched a sports program. Well let' say it is a routine.I walked to my room and stripped. Looking in my mirror pre-teen panty I saw a little guy, just a boy. I hated that... my baby fat, my not well developed muscles...You have to know, I have a friend Richard, he is already 16, and he has hair on his body! Really, he has, and...My little boner is erect again. I can't help myself.I stroke my little boner. Well, it is proudly erect against my hairless stomach.Richard showed me how he played with himself, making the wonderful feeling.I took a long and warm shower.Turning it off, I hear the big steps of my brother.Fuck! Paul walks upstairs and without knocking he opened the bathroom door.I was butt naked but on hearing the door open, I covered my middle and cock with my boxer briefs. In a rush I managed to put them on and to cover my boy cock.Paul looked at me; "I came to check on you!"I was surprised but didn't show any hesitation.Paul was standing there smiling. Well he was enjoying himself.He, my brother Paul spread his legs a bit, to look more powerful.I admired his strong teen body in illegal pre-teen photos his cut off shorts and tight tank pre-teen naturists thumbnails top.I did the same way; my big brother can do what he wants. I stretched my naked smooth chest proud, to look more powerful."OK, I'm here!"I want to look like him. "So, big brother, what do you child pre-teen porn want to check?""Everything, and I mean really everything. I don't want any complaints about sending you to bed with dirt on your body." My brother smiled. I looked pre-teens rape pics at his powerful body."This is really fun, Paul. Where do you want to start?"I sat myself down on the edge of the bath and to my surprise, completely relaxed in myself and in my body.Paul smiled to me.I saw his eyes looking at my nearly naked body. "Well, starting from your feet, going up... you know, I have to be sure you are clean everywhere."Paul dropped to his knees and started stroking my little feet and then sniffed them. He smelled them, the strong aroma of holland pre-teen xxx the shower gel I used. Moving up, he stroked my nearly smooth legs.Just a gay pre-teen pics very little blond hairs are there, just the hairs every boy has.I didn't hit puberty yet, I was sure of that. Tree or four black hair pre-teen porn gallery above your cock doesn't count. I wanted to have those manly black hairs, like him, like my big brother.Leaving my underwear and mid section alone, Paul stand up. He went further up to pre-teen thumbs my smooth belly and stared pre-teen nudist at my navel, then up to my little nipples. I enjoyed his attention, let him do it.Why not?I saw it in his eyes that he wanted it. I like my brother, well; we smiled when his fingers stroked my smooth soft upper body.I wanted to kiss him.He petted my head and toyed with my short blonde hair. "Do you wash behind your foreskin when you shower, Jerry?""Yes, of course, what do you think?""Can you put your briefs down for me?"I did what my brother erotic pre-teen movie asked me and dropped my underwear. It was hanging between my knees.Paul slid the foreskin of my little snail cock back and forth a few times and then let go.When I glanced down, I saw pre-teens in bikinis that his own big cock was stiffening... inside his cut off shorts. My cock was pointing straight out. Paul petite pre-teen pictures looked so good. I could see a big smile it on his beautiful face.I old fucking pre-teen admired his strong teen body, my little boy cock was begging for attention!Paul found his breath again,"Don't be shy, Jerry. You're a fine healthy kid. Do you get erections pre-teen nudes pictures very often?"I was speechless! My face gets redder and hotter."Some boys call it a boner... or a so called stiffy. Every boy gets them as he matures. Do you have them in the morning when you wake... and sometimes during the day?""Y-yes, Paul.""Let's go to my bedroom upstairs."I covered myself with my briefs and started to mumble an apology.I did as I was told and we climbed the stairs to his room. Paul was behind me patting my butt friendly.We entered his room and we sat down on his bed. He hugged me; I felt his warm pre-teen sex panties naked skin on my nearly naked body."Do you play with your boner, your erection... the way I'm touching you now on your briefs? To make it feel good?""Y-yes, Paul! Sometimes." I actually did it all the time!"Good! Well use your fingers to make it as stiff as it can get. I need to take some measurements little brother."I was relieved that Paul wasn't angry with me getting stiff. The fact was I actually LIKED being this way stiff for slim pre-teens models him. I wanted him to see me pre-teen dream like that.I knew my body had started changing... my balls getting fuller and hanging down lower... my penis getting plumper when it got hard. In the changing room at school, I enjoyed letting other boys see me naked... and pre-teen free samples I liked seeing them too. And of course, there were xxx pre-teens pictures the times when my best friends and I would get together in the woods and take down our pants... and then there was my brother Paul. My wet dream was about him, it was very confusing. I dreamed about him shooting my first load.I teased my cock pre-teen boys the rest of the way stiff and took my hands away as Paul used a tape measure and called out my results."Length is 10 cm [3.5 inches]. Let's see...""You're 14 years and 2 months old... brother, your measurements are just about right for a lad your age I think. He smiled, your age I was smaller, believe me!"I did as I was told. Paul was bbs pre-teens so friendly and gentle that I stopped feeling at all nervous about the boner that was nymphet pre-teens still throbbing persistently at my crotch. Paul his hands pressed at my belly, and I giggled a little. Then he started examining my feet, running his fingers along the soft skin of my instep, then feeling each of my toes. His hands started moving up my hairless legs, feeling my calf and thigh muscles, but to me it felt wonderfully exciting. By the time his fingers were caressing my inner thighs, my breathing was getting heavy. And when he took my boner between his fingers again, my hips bucked up to meet his strong hand, as if young pre-teen girls nude hungry for his touch.He was very close to me. Without pre-teens sex images saying a word, he slipped his nude pre-teen children fingers into the waistband of my fresh white boxers and pulled them down to mid-thigh, exposing my little-boy penis and dangling ball-sack.I could feel his hand on my balls, playing with each one. Then he touched my penis, and my heart jumped a little. I pre-teen pussy could feel my face turning red as he japanese pre-teens sex squeezed it gently. When he pulled back the foreskin, I felt a shiver of pleasure."You have good reflexes, Jerry. pre-teen bbs forum And I can tell you're getting to the age when your body is going through some changes," he said as he continued to fondle my penis and balls."Now I have to ask you some personal questions, little brother and some think these questions are embarrassing. It's just between you and me, though, it's very important for you to be honest. You think you can do that for me?""I'll try, Paul". I smiled at my big brother. I trusted him, and I was definitely enjoying the sensations his touches were causing."Do you play with your erection... the way I'm touching you now... to make you feel good?""Y-yes, Paul. Sometimes." I actually did it all the time! But you can't tell your brother that!"Good; very good. That's healthy for boys your age. I did and still do you tube boys pre-teen it myself to be honest with you. And do you sometimes have sex-play with other boys, where you touch each other's boners?"Paul his face was red now. pre-teen porno cp I saw his hesitation.He was still fondling me gently, and exciting feelings were swirling around inside of my body and my brain."Yes, Paul.... Sometimes I... that is... we..." My heart was beating so fast!"Go on, Jerry. Tell me exactly what you do with other boys!""These things are perfectly normal for boys like us, and it's important for me to know everything. Don't feel strange or embarrassed. We are brothers you know!""Well... my buddies and I... we like to go to the woods back of the school building. And we sort of... you know... show each other free little girls pre-teen our boners. And we like to feel each other up, and then rub our boners together... like a sword fight.""Ah, yes. I did the same thing myself at your age. You have a close friend..." Paul said, Richard, he is already 16. He is a cute guy and is here all the time.Ever do any sex-play with your buddy Richard?""Yes, we..." Then I stopped and put my hand to my mouth and blushed hot red again. Richard had told me that our games in his bed were a secret that I shouldn't tell anybody."Go free pre-teen nude pic on, Jerry. Don't be shy on me. You mustn't keep secrets from your big brother. Remember that anything you tell me is just between us two. Now, what do you do with your Richard?""I... we.... Well, we slept in the same room, I slept over at his place, Paul, pre-teen bbs links and for the longest time pre-teen boys naturist I've watched him when he changes clothes at school. He's got a very nice body, nothing like you, pre-teen picture post but still pre-teen fuck asian he is strong and mature than me. And a couple months ago, he told me I could... well... get into his bed if I liked.""Yes, Jerry, go on. naturist pre-teen pic And what pre-teen photos nude did you do?"His fingers were still toying with my penis, while his other hand stroked along my hip and thigh."Richard... he told me to get completely undressed, and he did too. He said we could snuggle together and play... he called it naked-games.""Yes; quite common among close friends. Please, go on, little brother.""Well, it was so exciting to hug hot pre-teen asian girls my naked body pre-teen sexy school girls against his. And when he put his hand on my... my boner and started stroking me, and then asked me to feel his boner...""Does Richard have a big penis?""Oh yes, Paul! MUCH sexy pre-teens models bigger than mine! Richard is already 16, you know, he has a big one, with hair around it and everything! And he taught me how to stroke it and make the white stuff shoot out of his cock! And he said I did it really well, and I felt so proud! I liked it a lot!"Paul stroked my hair."And you've played the naked-game again after that?""Only twice.""Did you ever take his penis into your mouth?"I was speechless for a moment! How could he know about that?"I... that is...""It's ok, Jerry. It's perfectly normal for boys to rape pre-teen suck each other's cocks. pre-teen sex clubs Just tell me."I was so relieved to learn that Richard and I weren't doing something naughty that the words rushed out of my mouth."The next time, I slept over you know last weekend, I got in his bed, he told me he'd give me a special treat. We were hugging each other, and rubbing our boners together and everything. It felt so good, and Richard... He told me to lay on my tummy with my legs together and raise up my bottom... and he got on top of me and put his big boner between my thighs... and he started sliding it between my legs... and he told me how good it felt! And then he pulled it out and started rubbing his boner against my bottom, between the crack, and holding me close, and he groaned and the white stuff came out of his boner, all over my back! And after he wiped it off, he hugged me so tight! After that he stroked my body and got down and took my boner in his mouth and he used his lips and his tongue on it, and it felt so wonderful! I got this incredible shiver feeling that was the most wonderful thing pre-teen nudity sex I ever felt! And then he showed me how I could do it to pre-teen nude art him, and... I liked it, even though I had to open my mouth wide! And I kept doing it until the white stuff shot into my mouth! And Richard was so happy with me that he kissed me on the mouth and hugged me! And free non-nude pre-teen pics even kissed me with his tongue touching my tongue!"I was practically out of breath from talking so fast, and my body was squirming pre-teen russian model around from the sexy feelings that naked pre-teen children my brother's hands kept generating."Did he kiss you like this," whispered Paul, as his mouth came down to mine. Our lips pressed together softly, for several long moments, and then he lifted his head slightly and looked down on me with a loving smile on his face."Yes.... Oh, yes! Just like that," I sighed, and we kissed again.I was so horny that I could barely stand it!When our mouths came apart again, the Paul said,"Jerry, would you like it if I got naked too?"I couldn't speak, but my head nodded up and down, signaling my excited consent.My big brother stood up straight and pulled off his tank top.The soft black hair between his nice nipples on his strong chest was so incredibly masculine! And the children pre-teen new incest line of hair going from his navel down pre-teen boys having sex into his jeans made me impatient to see what would next be revealed. I noticed that the front of his cut off had a prominent ridge running up at a slight angle beside his zipper... a real man-sized boner... very hard!"We'll have a bit of pre-teen models nude illegal fun together. OK, Jerry?" my brother said as he undid the button on his shorts.Again I nodded my consent.As he pulled the zipper down, exposing his boxer briefs --white Calvins. The outline of his cock made it clear it was even bigger than my friend Richard's. I sat up on his bed, hypnotized by the sight of him stripping down. He rubbed his big cock through the white cotton."O.K. boy, my little brother, ready to see all of it?""Oh yes, Paul!" I croaked out. He pulled down his tight underwear, and his big erect cock slapped against his belly, freed now from its confinement.I couldn't take my eyes away from his big manly cock."You like what sex pre-teens nude you see, little brother?""Yes! Oh, yes! I think it's beautiful! Do you pre-teen art pictures think mine will ever grow that big? I mean, when I'm older?""Oh, I'm sure of it, Jerry. You're already a strong and healthy boy, no doubt about that." I knew then that I would pre-teen sexy pussy do whatever he asked of me. "I'll bet you want to touch my boner... don't you, Jerry ... to feel a man's cock?""Oh, pre-teen gay movies yes, Paul, I dreamed about that." I eagerly pre-teen model pic reached out to touch his proudly erect cock. But he stepped away, smiling, teasing me."Are you sure, Jerry?""Yes, Paul", I wanted to scream it out. I wanted to feel him... his strong body and I wanted him to feel me again too.Paul walked smiling to the bed, where I sat. He stroked my blond hair and gave me a gentle kiss, full on my lips."Go ahead. Touch it."I stroked my brother's cock with my sexy pre-teens naked small boyish fingers.Following the lines of the blue veins on the shaft, up to the cock head. Wow! The skin was so smooth and so warm. It felt so good! A small amount of fluid leaked from his slit... just like when I had stroked Richard's cock. I rubbed it onto Paul's cock head, and pre-teen in panties pics he groaned with pleasure."Keep stroking it, boy," my big brother moaned."That feels so great!"As I masturbated his boner, just the way Richard had taught me, Paul toyed with the tiny tan nipples on my smooth chest. I was in russian porn pre-teens heaven!This naked man, my brother, standing in front pre-teen getting fucked of me was so handsome and sexy and friendly. His huge boner, slippery with pre-cum, was thrilling beyond my dreams."Ugh... you'd better stop, Jerry, I'm afraid I'll shoot my cum too quickly all over your beautiful body."Paul smiled."We should enjoy our game for a while longer, models pre-teen don't you think?" I reluctantly pulled my small hand away, and I waited for him to tell me what he desired.Paul whispered in my russian pre-teen girls ear:"Lay back down and spread your beautiful legs for me."I did as pre-teen girl nude I was told, spreading my slender legs as wide as possible. Richard had touched my little boy hole a couple times, and it felt good. Would he do that?I reached up to touch my brother's belly. I ran my fingers across the fine hairs that covered his muscular abs. My own cock was pointing up, lifted from my belly into the air. My smooth balls were drawn up hard and close to my body. Looking at his handsome face, I saw Paul wetting a finger in his mouth.With a big grin on his face, his finger stroked my sensitive smooth balls... stroked them slowly... feeling my nuts in their sack."Mmmmm!" I murmured.It felt so good! Then his finger traveled down along the skin behind my balls, until he came to.... ahhhh!His fingertip touched my clenched hole. Slowly Paul took my smooth legs and bent them to my chest."Can you keep them there, my sweet little brother?"I smiled up to him. Of course! I would do everything to satisfy my handsome brother. My legs were close to my ears. Leaving my slender white buns totally exposed.After I quick kiss on my lips Paul went down, his whole head disappearing from view behind my upturned ass. I felt his tongue, seeking access into my crack. Licking and sucking at my most secret place, making me so wet down there. Oh, this was awesome! His tongue pressed against my smooth rosebud hole, and I couldn't believe the sensations as he slowly pushed his tongue inside me.Then I thought how dirty tiny pre-teen models girls and smelly I must be down there. Wouldn't Paul be turned off and stop our wonderful game? My body tensed as I worried. But he could feel my tension, and his big hands gently stroked my belly and my little cock.Then he lifted his face away from my ass and said,"Your ass is perfect, little brother. You taste as sweet as honey down there."Then he reached for a tube of lotion under free thumbs pre-teen his bed, and coated his fingers with it."Relax, Jerry, brother. Just tell me if I hurt you, and I'll stop immediately. Just relax... and trust me!"I did trust him, and I relaxed and enjoyed the heavenly sensations rushing through my body again. His finger pressed against the ring of muscle, pushing at my most secret part. Slowly, the finger slipped inside. He looked me straight in the eyes."OK so far, little brother? You are doing great!"It was a pre-teen free nude pictures strange feeling... not painful... not entirely pleasurable."I think so, Paul.... new pre-teens modelle Yes; I'm OK."Paul his finger began to move slowly, in and out... twisting around inside me, relaxing my clenched muscle. Then Paul's head dipped down again, but this time he took my little boner free nude pre-teen girls into his mouth... tonguing and sucking it as he continued to finger-fuck my young tight ass."Oh, please," cute pre-teen nude I muttered, "Please do keep doing that!""I will, brother, I will, but we'll do it nice and slow!" he said, as he returned to sucking my little boner.My ass was on fire, it didn't hurt, but a strange hot sensation filled me. And my cock was in heaven. I liked both pre-teen porn -14 so much. I couldn't wait for his big cock to rub against my young body, just like Richard had done.I breathed deeply, excited. Desperately, I gripped his head, entwining my small fingers in his beautiful short hair, shoving his mouth further down on my smooth little shaft. Ever-so-gently, his finger glided into the depths of my bottom. He pushed deeper and deeper, twisting it around, stretching my pucker little by little, still sucking and nibbling pictures pre-teens girls nude my eager little cock."Oh, Paul!" I whimpered.He had found a special place deep inside me, stroking it. He lifted his mouth off my cock to watch the expression on pre-teen oral pic my face as he continued to fuck me with his pre-teen girl porn pics finger, smiling at my eager reactions.My breathing came quicker. I only pre-teen naked asian girls could breath with sort gasps. His finger in my virgin butt felt so incredibly good! Slowly he withdrew his finger."Ready for some more fun, Jerry?""Yes! I'm ready for...anything, really anything you will do, Paul.""I knew that, from the moment you walked into my room. You are so beautiful and so eager for the fun that brothers can share. Tell you what... we can do this all the time you know..."He bent over me, kissing me again and traveling down to my chin and my throat. This handsome brother... my Paul... my hero!He was gently biting in the nape of my neck, maybe to distract me from what was coming next. He slowly pushed two of his fingers deep into my tight virgin hole. I held a yelp behind my teeth as they slowly went knuckle deep!"Is that okay?" he tenderly whispered, nibbling affectionately on my earlobe.All I could do was hiss an urgent and almost silent"YES!"Soon his fingers were slipping easily inside my hole.Using a lot of lotion, he made it easy to take. His fingers worked faster and deeper. Making me so horny and desperate to take his cock into my body."Please, Paul! Put your cock in me!" I pleaded.My brother needed no more encouragement. pre-teen models by maxwells I heard him breathing excitedly for some time. I felt his hand stroking my pre-teen fucking young smooth body. With a movement so swift naked young pre-teens I hardly noticed, his two big fingers slipped out of my stretched hole. They were replaced by the head of his big teen cock... Pressing in... spreading my ass lips wide apart...A cry of agony came from my lips.Paul stopped free pre-teen porn movie immediately and was kissing me softly on my lips. He stroked my blond hair.I fought my own fear and pain."Please, don't stop!" I begged."Do me all the way, please, Paul, please, don't stop!"After some hesitation, my brother obliged my wishes and slowly put his big teen cock back at my little hole."You are sure? Jerry boy, it is no problem to stop now and have another way of fun.""PLEASE!"Paul shoved his cock through my ass-ring. My next muffled cry was the last complain he heard. He stroked my smooth legs giving me his cock all the way. I felt his cock-hair touch my smmooth bottom as he took me all the way!I had done it! I was taking his big cock inside me... and loving it all!"You like this my little man, my great little brother? You're not a virgin anymore.You're now a strong, beautiful little MAN!""Oh, horny pre-teen YES!" I gasped, overwhelmed by my feelings and emotions. I took his strong butt in my hands, wanting him deeper!Paul stroked my body, and brought one hand to my eager erect little penis."You are ready to come, my sweet brother?""Ugh!" Which was neither yes, nor no. To be honest, I could have come in a split second. His big teen cock so teen pre-teen non nude deep inside my willing ass was a thrill, but I wanted him pre-teen sex photos video to come first into me. I wanted him to continue fucking me. I wanted him! I felt Paul quickened his pace, fucking me hard and deep.He was stroking my little dick with his lubed fingers... running his other hand over my smooth body, tweaking my little erect nipples and stroking my wide-stretched legs."Fuck me Paul... it feels so good to have you inside me! Please!"Paul drove into me fast and deep."I'm coming, little one! I'm gonna come deep inside your beautiful ass, boy."My big teen brother drove his big cock deep inside my bowels. He pumped my little cock vigorously in his lubed hand. My foreskin slipping rapidly over the super-sensitive head. My smooth legs, now resting on his broad shoulders, were trembling. The sensation was so great!"Oh, little brother, it's so good! Take my cock, my brother, my lover! Here it comes!"Paul rammed his big teen cock all the way inside my young bottom and shuddered as he filled me up with his warm cum."Yeah, Jerry! Can you feel my cock shooting off inside you? Now you do it... Come for me! Give me your first blast of sperm."His encouragement wasn't necessary. He took me over the brink.I cried out, as pre-teen erotica my own sperm shot from my body in a flash. It hit my chest between my nipples. I was delighted having my first REAL orgasm with another man! My brother, my friend, my Paul!I saw stars of joy. Paul hugged me close, stroking my body. He carefully dropped my trembling legs from his shoulders. He licked my cock clean and kissed me deeply. I could smell and taste my own spunk on his lips.It was so nice!Slowly he took his big teen cock from my bum.To be honest, I felt empty.Paul sighted deeply. He stroked my pre-teen naked sluts short blond hair."Let me tell you something, my little lover... brother, you were the best fuck I ever had. Believe me! You are great!"Paul pre-teens free photos helped me up from pre-teen korean girls his bed. I looked at his big teen body. His now-limp cock was still beautiful, and it has been all the way inside my young body. I smiled up to him."Little guy, let's have a shower... otherwise I didn't do my job well hardcore pre-teens and our parents will be worried."You are sure, Paul?""What do you think? Of course I'm sure! "I was so happy! I admired his strong body and his self-confidence... the manly look in my eyes. My secret thoughts about maybe being gay ran through mymind. Maybe he was too... and he certainly was no sissy!Paul smiled to me and kissed my forehead tenderly."Well boy, we have the weekend together. Let's take that shower."We walked to the shower. Paul put his big strong arm around my bare shoulders, holding me close. I felt incredibly happy and models lingerie pre-teen secure.---------------------------------------------------------------------------Reactions and suggestions are very welcome hotmail (bchaim) account is OUT of order!More stories by chaim, try the author section of nifty and pre-teen female nymphette assgm. Look for Chaim B. and bchaim.
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